Custom CORE COOLING Systems

CORECOOL – Advantages

  • High velocity / high pressure pump delivers precise controlled cooling.
  • Open loop system eliminates costly/high maintenance filtering and chilling system.
  • Portable with small dimensional footprint.
  • Electrical controls built to customer specifications.
  • Engineering and technical support.
  • USA made product.
  • All components stocked at DPCS for quick replacement turnaround.

CORECOOL – Solves These Difficult Casting Issues

  • Soldering – Quick solidification of material does not allow chemical reaction with metal.
  • Shrink Porosity – High velocity cooling allows control of core pin temperature up ot tip in order to more closely match cooling times of surrounding alloy.
  • Increased Core Life – Helps prevent degradation of the pin microstructure from being exposed to extreme temperature of molten metals.
  • Improved Mechanical Characteristics – Controlled cooling results in a tighter molecular structure thus reducing casting leaks and increasing tensile/yield strengths.


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