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American Made in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Die Process Control Systems (DPCS) was founded in 2010 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin to service the Die Casting Industries needs for Jet Cooling Technology.

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Knowledge, Service and Reliability is our business foundation.

~ Knowledge ~

We have over 50 years of combined Die Casting experience on staff, 20 years of working with “Jet Cooling Systems”. Aluminum, zinc and Magnesium, 0.5 pounds on up to 90 pound castings from retrofit to newly design dies. Being in the business all of these years we realize every job is different, but experience does help.

~ Service ~

The key to our success is to be a supplier that understands the urgency and needs of our customers.  DPCS warrantees the CORECOOL system for one year, stocks “ALL” components, as well inventories Jet Cooling components. Next day service can be provided in most situations.

~ Reliability ~

CORECOOL system was designed to correct downtime and failure issues of other systems in service. Common componentry, ultra filtration and high pressure pump has provide DPCS to provide our one year Warranty guarantee.


  • Die Process Control Systems - Core Cooling SystemsHigh velocity / high pressure pump delivers precise controlled cooling.
  • Open loop & Closed loop systems eliminates to meet your water needs.
  • Portable with small dimensional footprint.
  • Electrical controls built to customer specifications.
  • Engineering and technical support.
  • USA made product.
  • All components stocked at DPCS for quick replacement turnaround.

CORECOOLSolves These Difficult Casting Issues

  • Soldering – Quick solidification of material does not allow chemical reaction with metal.
  • Shrink Porosity – High velocity cooling allows control of core pin temperature up ot tip in order to more closely match cooling times of surrounding alloy.
  • Increased Core Life – Helps prevent degradation of the pin microstructure from being exposed to extreme temperature of molten metals.
  • Improved Mechanical Characteristics – Controlled cooling results in a tighter molecular structure thus reducing casting leaks and increasing tensile/yield strengths.






The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA)
CORECOOL unit at a die casting operation.
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